Tramping Gently Club Art Collective

The Tramping Gently Club Art Collective was formed in April 2021, and consists of three female artists; Cheryl Gallaway (UK), Ellen Rodda (NZ) and Siv Fjaerestad (Norway) working together in Paetumokai, Featherston, Aotearoa. Our collective art practice peels open layers of the female voice and its/our relationship to the land, the commons and strained notions of environment. We embrace a multidisciplinary and multi-media approach, that seeks to invite and inspire conversation and participation. Living in a semi-rural environment, and acknowledging our role as tangata tiriti artists in Aotearoa, we invite both likely and unlikely collaborations, conversations and varying perspectives.

Poems Against Sustainability available from National Poetry Day on Saturday 26th August 3pm in the Remutaka Forest Park.
Poems Against Sustainability was created for and first presented at Featherston Booktown Karukatea Festival 2022.


Gather around the fire at Turere Lodge in the Remutaka Forest Park, with a cup of kanuka tea and the input-provoking card game Poems Against Sustainability. Experience a unique collaboration created by three Featherston artists, working together to tackle sometimes uncomfortable discussions about climate change, their relationship to the land and working with nature - through playing cards.

Entry Details: Available for all booked overnight stays at Turere Lodge
Date/Times: From Friday 26th August 3pm
Location: Turere Lodge, Remutaka Forest Park
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photograph of a walking track created with glyphosate through a New Zealand Forest

Poems Against Sustainability, Featherston Booktown Karukatea Festival 2022, Saturday 11th June, 1pm–4pm at the Featherston Community Centre on 14 Wakefield Street, Featherston.

The Tramping Gently Club Art Collective invites you to welcome undergrowth and fertility back to Dorset Square. Join us around the fire with a cup of kanuka tea and to play our input-provoking card game Poems against Sustainability. There will be seed bombs, plant sale and a pop-up library with the Tramping Gently Club and Pae Tu Mokai o Tauira.

Jordan Hamel, editor of a Climate Change Anthology, joins the discussion at 2pm.

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The creation and presentation of Poems Agsainst Sustainability is supported by Featherston Booktown Karukatea Festival 2022, Creative New Zealand, Creative Communities, and the Featherston Charitable Trust. Special thanks to Pae Tu Mokai o Tauira, the Vetter Family and Colin Shore for our visits to Otauira Stream, Kaihua Cabin, and Pigeon Bush Reserve.

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